Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Creamy Bow Tie Pasta with Chicken and Broccoli

This is a REALLY good pasta dish that I got out of the Kraft foods magazine. It's very simple yet tastes very rich. The tomato and pepper sauce really makes this dish shine.

Here's what your gonna need:

3 c. farfalle (bow tie pasta) uncooked
3 c. broccoli florets
1/3 c. Kraft Red Roasted Pepper Italian with Parmesan Dressing
6 boneless skinless chicken breast halves
2 cloves garlic, minced (I buy the jars of pre-minced garlic in olive oil - major time saver)
2 c. tomato basil spaghetti sauce
4 oz cream cheese
1/3 c. parmesan cheese

Cook the pasta as directed but add the broccoli for the last 3 minutes of cooking time
Heat the dressing in a skillet on medium heat. Add the chicken and garlic and cook until chicken is cooked through.

Drain the pasta and broccoli and return to the pan and set aside. Now add the spaghetti sauce and cream cheese to the chicken skillet cooking on medium/low just until the cream cheese is completely melted and the mixture is well blended and the chicken is coated, stirring every now and then.

Remove the chicken from the sauce and keep it warm. Add the pasta to the sauce and mix well. Put into serving bowls. Cut chicken cross wise and lay it fanned out across the pasta and then sprinkle it with parmesan cheese.

Makes 6 servings

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